Modern Indian Woman ft Clay Craft India

The Mode tree|Shaily Srivastava

India is evolving, the societal roles of Indian women are also changing with time. The beauty of a mind doesn’t depend on the clothes you wear, it’s the thoughts you carry.

The new age Indian woman is multi tasking, making a balance between home and office. ‘Meet the modern age Indian woman’, whose battling all stereotypes, every negative vibe that is trying to suppress her. Fighting everyday to reach the dreams of her life.

The new age modern woman believes in equality, whether it’s gender or religion. The mind set makes you modern, being modern is not about what are you wearing or how many friends you hang out with. It’s about moving forward with the modern essence of your thought.

Clay Craft India  had beautifully evolved the traditional Chai Cups, curated by Sanjeev Kapoor. Love the designs of modern Indian Chai Cups.


Outfit Details

Blouse House of Blouse; Skirt…

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