Top 3 Crockery & Dinnerware Brands in India (2017)

Top 3 Crockery & Dinnerware Brands in India

Are you always confused as to which is the best dinnerware brand to go for your home improvement or gifting needs? Here we are mentioning the Top 3 Brands to look for in India for perfect dinnerware:

3) Homecenter


Homecenter (by Landmark Group) offers the trendy, casual and elegant dinnerware collection which can be bought as a set or as loose items. Plain whites with golden rims, Solid colours, Gold motifs, Indian ethnic designs – their variety covers almost all tastes.

2) Clay Craft


Clay Craft is India’s largest manufacturer of ceramic and fine bone china Dinnerware in India. They offer the widest variety of Tableware to choose from. Clay Craft is also a one stop solution for Dinnerware, Tea & Coffee Serveware, Mugs and other Tabletop Gift items. Their Sanjeev Kapoor collection is a range of designer dinnerware curated by Master himself. Available widely at all major retailers like: Hometown, Shoppers Stop, Big Bazaar, Hypercity, Walmart, Amazon, Pepperfry etc. Good quality at affordable prices!

1) Goodearth


Available at in-store as well as online, GoodEarth offers a carefully curated premium ethnic dinnerware collections. What’s better? They even ship it internationally. One can not manage to fall in love with all their collections. Each collection is inspired by a craft or a tradition story which is impeccably shown in each handcrafted piece.




Care for your Fine China

_CLY8775In Picture: Clay Craft‘s Ebony Series Dinnerware

It’s time to bring the fine china out of storage and use it everyday. Here, we share our insights into caring for fine china and tableware.

What are the hallmarks for quality china?

Unfortunately, there are no industry standards for ‘quality’ china and we see the term being used quite generally. The best advice we can give to consumers is, if you want to purchase quality china, do consider buying it from established china brands as they will have strict quality standards and also most likely have invested in research and development. For instance, one of our major areas of innovation is kiln technology. Kilns are where the formed clay objects undergo a firing process. This stage is what sets quality china from cheaper alternatives. If the temperature and distribution of heat during the process are not closely monitored and controlled, it may result in deformation and cracking.

How do you care for your china product?

With our china, we use the strongest ceramic materials; they are fired at the highest temperatures and are made of the strongest ingredients. So you can use your china as often as you wish with as much confidence. But we do ask our customers to treat them with respect that high-quality, beautifully crafted products of any kind deserve. Although very strong, fine china as a material is breakable if abused.

Are there any foods or drinks that should be avoided (due to staining) when using fine china and porcelain?

No. It all comes down to washing your china after use.

What is the best way to wash your dinnerware and china?

If your dinnerware is dishwasher safe, we recommend that you first read the dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions for correct placement, detergent levels and wash strengths to ensure optimum cleaning and care of your dinnerware. Do not use lemon or other citrus-scented detergents if your dinnerware has metallic elements such as a gold or platinum band. Most china manufacturers, including Clay Craft, recommend the use of liquid-base detergent over powder or tablets. If you are washing by hand, use the minimum amount of detergent necessary for cleaning and make sure your china is completely rinsed. An oily feeling or rainbow-coloured sheen generally means that detergents are still present and the harsh chemical reaction is continuing.

Are there any tips and tricks to remove stains such as tea and coffee?

Yes, just use a bit of baking soda and water to wipe the stains with a finger or sponge.

How should you store your china?

This seems pretty obvious, but make sure your china is washed and completely dry before storing. When storing, we recommend you to separate your plates. There are cloth china storage sets available online but you can also substitute them with paper plates. If you own old and delicate china, do not make a large stack as the weight could crack or damage your pieces. In addition, if you are not going to use your china every day, wrap the stacks in plastic wrap to avoid piling of dust.

How has methods of manufacturing changed in recent years – is fine china more durable without sacrificing quality or delicacy?

Clay Craft India invests in research and development and we are constantly looking for new innovations to manufacture quality china. One of the major investments we’ve made in recent years is in the glazing process, which allows us to manufacture china that is not only more durable but also lighter in weight and whiteness.

What are some of the latest styles and colours on shelves at present?

We see more homeware designs that are simple with low tolerance for clutter. And there is also more appreciation for natural material and craftsmanship. So you will see more down-to-earth neutral colours and designs with handmade-feel and textures. Copper, soft pastels, blue and green colour palettes are popular at the moment.

What should you look for to invest in heirloom, quality pieces?

Real quality china has smooth even surface and is also quite fine. Lower quality china tends to be thick and heavy; and will likely have uneven surface. Translucency is also an important if you are looking to purchase bone china. To check translucency, simply lift up a plate under a light and check how much light it will let in.

What must-haves should a home have?

A set of quality china is a must. All current Clay Craft dinnerware is suitable for everyday use. But if you like to reheat meals, we suggest you select a functional dinnerware that does not have metal decorations so you can put the pieces in a microwave. If you love to entertain at home, we also suggest a set of formal china and charger plates to add extra style.


Modern Indian Woman ft Clay Craft India

The Mode tree|Shaily Srivastava

India is evolving, the societal roles of Indian women are also changing with time. The beauty of a mind doesn’t depend on the clothes you wear, it’s the thoughts you carry.

The new age Indian woman is multi tasking, making a balance between home and office. ‘Meet the modern age Indian woman’, whose battling all stereotypes, every negative vibe that is trying to suppress her. Fighting everyday to reach the dreams of her life.

The new age modern woman believes in equality, whether it’s gender or religion. The mind set makes you modern, being modern is not about what are you wearing or how many friends you hang out with. It’s about moving forward with the modern essence of your thought.

Clay Craft India  had beautifully evolved the traditional Chai Cups, curated by Sanjeev Kapoor. Love the designs of modern Indian Chai Cups.


Outfit Details

Blouse House of Blouse; Skirt…

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Clay Craft India acquires Jaipur Ceramics

Clay Craft India acquires Jaipur Ceramics

Clay Craft Group diversifies into furniture segment

India’s leading multi facility manufacturer and retailer of fine bone china and premium plastic crockery maker, Clay Craft Group has announced the diversification into Furniture Industry. Group has entered into retailing of moulded furniture through its existing pan India network. Under Crown Craft brand name, the group has started manufacturing moulded plastic chairs, tables and gradually it will increase its products basket.

Crown Craft India, the group company, is already manufacturing and retailing the premium plastic crockery since 2009. Its product range includes premium plastic tableware, Bathware, Thermoware, Storage and Pet Bottle used in a household.

On the strategic move, Rajesh Agarwal, Managing Director, Clay Craft Group, says, “We always have been fascinating about giving value to our customers in terms of increasing their lifestyle and conformability offering into their budgets. Being a renowned brand, Clay Craft, we found opportunity in the area of branded furniture segment. For the parallel growth of other group company, Crown Craft India, we have added a production line of moulded furniture at our Jaipur plant. We are going to utilise our existing pan India network to market our new offerings.”

Organised furniture segment is believed to be grown by 35% year on year. Currently this segment is scattered and some 70% of the market size is occupied by an unorganised industry players. This includes modular furniture made out of wood, stainless steel and plastics. The market size is estimated nearly of 81,000 crore as per the industry sources. The plastic furniture called as plastic moulded furniture is gradually growing its size due to economical offerings comparing to wooden and stainless steel.

Agarwal further added, “By the end of 2014, we are planning to bring our moulded plastic furniture range into Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Kashmir through our distributors network. This will help to understand the preferences of customers and gradually we will increase our footprint towards other states.”
Clay Craft Group’s core competency lies in its extensive network across India. With nearly 10,000 retail counters and over 150 channel partners, the company also enjoys partnership with major retailers like Big Bazaar, Home Center, Lifestyle, Spencer, HomeShop 18, etc. Company’s esteemed corporate clients include –Maruti Suzuki, Westside, Lifestyle, Nestle, Airtel, Vodafone, Taj Group, Hyatt Hotels, Pepsi, Wipro, Tapri Tea House and many more. Company also exports its high-end products to the UK, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


Flowery Tea Sets for Great Summer

Flowery Tea Sets for Great Summer

Clay Craft just launched a whole new range of Summer Collection which includes beautiful flowery motifs Tea Sets. These tea sets are a 15 pieces set and serves 6 persons. Check out the complete new collection at their website. Some … Continue reading