Sanjeev Kapoor’s Fine Dinnerware


The brand SANJEEV KAPOOR is committed to improvise and transform the entire Kitchen and Dining experience of modern-day consumers by developing quality products that are trendy, aesthetically suited to modern settings, functionally more effective and safe.

SANJEEV KAPOOR range of Fine Bone China tableware and dinnerware is an exclusive range of ELEGANT products – which are carefully handcrafted in Jaipur, Rajasthan by the skilled artisans.


Virasat Collection

This gorgeous fine china collection celebrates the rich heritage of India.

Appropriately named, Virasat collection is an inspiration from the Jharokhas (windows) and leaf motifs in the royal City Palace, Jaipur.

Buy Virasat Collection:

Noor Collection

The word ‘Noor’ comes from the Arabic word ‘Nur’ meaning – light.

This collection defines the light of the night. Deep blue sky in the night creates a magical atmosphere.

Our fine ceramic collection with 24 carat gold accents and and enchanting play of timeless patterns will bring delight and style to your table.

Buy Noor Collection:

Utsav Collection

Utsav collection is a story of our majestic elephant and it’s canopy.

This fine ceramic dinnerware collection is a creation of Pompeian Red and a brush of metallic gold colour.

Simple yet opulent collection that will soothe your heart.

Buy Utsav Collection:

Mayura Collection

‘Mayura’ dinnerware collection celebrates the vibrant and soulful colours of the Peacock.

Artwork decals on fine ceramics, in the colours of jet blue, green and pink, are accented with 24k gold work, awakening the simplistic beauty of this bird.

Buy Mayura Collection:

Bageecha Collection

Start the day with the exciting colours of Cup Saucer and Mugs, cheering up a wonderful morning.

The wonderful ‘Bageecha’ Collection from Sanjeev Kapoor is a fusion of nature and fine ceramic design.

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Tumbler Set

Elegantly decorated six tumblers comes with a handcrafted wooden tray.

Handcrafted with love by Clay Craft India in Jaipur.

Buy Chika set:


Prism Collection

This classy fine china dinnerware collection from Sanjeev Kapoor is accented with 24k fine gold line and work as a pattern is a luxurious experience.

The ‘Prism’ collection is sure to offer a royal dining experience. Each piece is handcrafted with care and intricate gold work makes it the top of the line of our collections.

Buy Prism Collection:

Allure Collection

The ‘Allure’ collection from Sanjeev Kapoor’s fine dinnerware range composes of the smooth embossed pattern added with fine 24k gold line on the rims.

The timeless embossing design story gives out a unique feeling when touched upon.

This gorgeous collection will be the talk of the moment with the guests on the dinner table.

Handcrafted with love by Clay Craft India in Jaipur.

Buy Allure Collection:

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