Trends in Tableware


With unconventional cups and plates finding their way to the dinner table, evolving trends in the world of tableware have become the latest ‘in’ thing amongst today’s interior and crockery lovers. The symmetrically white, Fine China plates have been usurped by mismatched color schemes and eclectic designs.

So here are the Top 3 Trends in Tableware designed by Clay Craft that have transformed the whole definition of this industry:

Your Kitchenette is now an Art Gallery

Bucket Big

With bizarre, hand-painted crockery hanging asymmetrically here and there in your kitchen, you cook more passionately. Place setting artistry ranges from vintage styles to zoological prints to the authentic tie and dye effect.

Bye-Bye Traditional Shapes

Gone are the days when the orthodox round shaped plates and standard tea cups were both easy-to-make and easy-to-sell. The advent of offbeat shapes such as oval, rectangular, triangular, square and randomly shaped dishes have set their way from boutiques and personalized tableware stores to mass market retailers. Uneven edges, wrinkled texture and eccentric forms are visually arresting and definitely a show-stealer.


Varied Color Themes


Crockery has become as significant as a hot dish on the menu. Your guests could be more thrilled with your unique tableware collection than that cliché pasta you cook every time. As for yourself, your tea would taste better in a traditionally designed, but contemporarily colored ‘chaiwala’ cup-set designed here at Clay Craft, than those long-established white cups.